The jubilee celebration is over, which was very grand solemn liturgy, excellent catering, attractive decorations !!!. Many sisters were present, a gesture of your love and appreciation !. I did not forget the absent ones. Several useful presents were given to me. I wish to express my loving thanks to each and every one of you, for your prayers, good wishes and gifts. My special thanks goes to the sisters at Kalunga who worked hard among the ruins to get the house and compound ready for the occasion !. One of the valuable presents we got was a coloured TV from the Generalate !. God bless you all !.

Fifty solid years have passed through sunshine and clouds very fast. My childhood to be a missionary was fulfilled to a certain extent when I was engaged in direct evangelization work in the early years of my religious life. I have nothing to complain about – Only Goodness and Kindness from God, from mu superiors and sisters followed me all my life !. If anything has been accomplished by me it is only with God’s help and your co-operation I have nothing to boast of !. Thank you for being patient with me all these years and for helping me by your prayers, advice and co-operation. It was not all a smooth sailing for you and for me !.

The one I missed at the alter on 19th was our beloved Bishop H. Westermann who was my main stay!. However I have confidence in his prayers and in that of Fr. Harrison and Fr. Zimmermann who were so very much interested and involved in the growth of our Congregation. May God reward them !.

The congregation is still existing and growing inspite of our weakness is a sign that it is the work of God and that of His Handmaid, Our Mother Mary, so we can in all humility say with Mary. “The Almighty has done great things, say marvellous things for us”.

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever !.

One of the highlights of the jubilee was the feeding of the poor, especially our old helpers. I was happy to give them a chader too. This was possible through the help of our benefactors. We owe them a debt of gratitude !.

Let me end this message with the words of St. Paul, “Love must be completely sincere. Hate is evil, hold on to what is good. Love one another warmly as Christian sisters(brothers) and be eager to show respect for one another. Work hard do not be lazy. Serve the Lord with a heart full of devotion. Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles and pray at all times”. (Rom : 12:9-12)

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